About Collaborative Course Development

This program provides an avenue for students and faculty to work together to propose a new course, or to reimagine an existing one.

The course must either be interdisciplinary, or infuse content or practices from one discipline into a more traditional discipline focused course.

Teams must consist of at least two students and a least two faculty members.  The faculty members should be from different programs/departments. Teams are also consider if there are staff members on campus who may be able to bring additional expertise or perspective to the project.

Each team can request up to $4,000 for the project.  This may include stipends of up to $500 per participant plus additional expenses required to conduct the work.  This collaboration could occur on-campus or remotely.  Students participants may request up to 4 weeks of on-campus housing to support their work on this project.

Each project should result in a new course proposal or a new course description to be submitted to COAA for review in the Fall.


Think of a course you think we are missing, or a course you wish to reimagine. Reach out to faculty, staff and students who may be interested in the idea.  Once your team is in place complete the Application which will ask for a brief description of the potential course, a plan for collaborating over the summer, and a brief summary of what each team member is bringing to the project.

Deadline for student applications: March 14, 2022 at 11 p.m.

Students will be notified of placement in late-March.