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Afro-Latino Alumni and Alumnae Association (ALAA)

The Afro-Latino Alumni and Alumnae Association (ALAA) is proud to look back at all of the accomplishments since our inception. We are excited to plan more activities that will further assist Hobart and William Smith students of color and the Geneva community.

Heron Society

Heron Society
Membership in the Heron Society means that you support an outstanding athletics program that’s sphere of influence extends far beyond the sports arena. The life lessons learned through participation in William Smith athletics programs prepare and guide our student-athletes for a lifetime.

Statesmen Athletics Association

For 40 years, the members of the SAA have put their shoulders firmly behind their beloved Statesmen. From 1971’s Charter Members to today’s 900-plus donors, the generous teamwork of Statesmen Athletic Association members has strengthened the athletics program at Hobart College and reinforced the educational experience of thousands of student-athletes.

Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.