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Gutwin ’06 Shares Success in NCAA News

Rebecca Gutwin '06 was featured in the NCAA News Jan. 5 for her triumph over breast cancer while maintaining a full schedule of classes, work-study, and rowing. Titled “Freshman takes cancer in stride, refuses to take time off,” the story told of Gutwin's diagnosis at age 18 with a type of cancer with a 30 percent survival rate. After surgery and daily radiation treatments in between practice and classes, Gutwin is cancer-free.

“I went to radiation every single week day during lunch time, which was the only free period I had that was consistent from day to day,” Gutwin said. “I didn't have time to just relax like most of my classmates. I could have dropped a class or stopped working or even quit rowing, but everything I was doing was important to me, so I found a way to get it done.”

“She is definitely somebody who is always going to the maximum and you don't have to doubt that she's pulling her hardest all the time,” said head rowing coach Sandra Chu.