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Two Statesmen Take INROADS to Success

They say that “There are many roads to Rome.” On their paths to success, Tyler Robbins ’10 and Innis Baah ’10 have found the same to be true as well. The two Hobart juniors recently became involved with INROADS through the help of Career Services.

Since 1970, INROADS has helped students of color find tremendous internship opportunities in the corporate world by providing them with helpful training as well as a superior placement network.

Currently, Robbins is pursuing an internship, while Baah was able to land one for this summer. Robbins first learned of INROADS after a meeting with Director of the Salisbury Center for Career Services Bob Murphy.

“Bob told to me about the INROADS program and what a good opportunity it is,” said Robbins.  At that point, Robbins said he immediately applied online and contacted the program directors. He was quickly placed in training and interviewing sessions and provided with a number of helpful tips. Robbins is currently pursuing an internship through INROADS, and is waiting to be placed with a corporation. “This INROADS program offers a chance to get great real world experience, with the chance to obtain a great job in multiple fortune 500 companies.”

Baah also heard about INROADS only after scheduling a meeting with Career Services. Through their talent pool training and career workshops, Innis was able to secure an internship position with Target Corporation for the summer 2008. There, he will intern as a Store Executive Intern, a position which, according to Baah, provides “a complete overview of how to operate and manage a store which represents anywhere from $35-$80 million of annual revenue.”

“The process of becoming an INROADS intern is extensive,” said Baah, “but one that is certainly worth it.”

Indeed, neither Baah nor Robbins could have enjoyed such success with INROADS without putting in the work. However, neither would even be aware of something like INROADS without stopping in to the Salisbury Center for Career Services.

Founded by Frank C. Carr, INROADS has grown from a small Chicago-based agency to an international organization helping more than 4,500 students find internships at over 400 different companies. To learn more about INROADS, visit their website at

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