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Recycle Your E-Waste

As the semester comes to an end, spring cleaning is inevitable. Books will be returned to the College Store and other used items will be donated to “Trash to Treasure,” the community-wide garage sale hosted by the Office of Community Engagement and Service Learning. But what about keyboards, VCRs, calculators, ink cartridges and other electronic waste? To fill the void, the Campus Greens and the Finger Lakes Institute will host the first “HWS Campus E-Waste Recycling Week,” May 5 to 10 from noon to 2 p.m. and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. each day. Student volunteers will collect the refuse in the parking lot behind the College Store, and old products will be recycled, instead of trashed. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to donate: • Computers • Laptops • Keyboards • Printers • Scanners • Copiers • Floppy drives • CD / Zip drives • Network servers • Power supplies • Radios • Stereos • VCR / DVD players • Game stations • Land-line phones • Calculators • Digital clock/radios • Electronic test equipment • Consumer electronics containing printed circuit boards • Ink het cartridges • Alkaline batteries • Used sneakers • Gas grill propane tanks (20 lb. limit) • Monitors ($5 charge) • TVs ($5 charge). Used bicycles will also be collected and used for the Community Bike Program. Cell phones in any condition will be collected for the Finger Lakes Institute cell phone fundraising program. Campus Greens and The Finger Lakes Institute recommend that these items be given to student workers directly to ensure that they are not combined with the electronic waste. This is not a public event. Only faculty, staff and students of the colleges are able to recycle due to space constraints. Items that will not be collected include: household appliances or cleaners, power tools, audio speakers, light bulbs, ballast, starters, fixtures or circuit breaker panels, chemicals, paint, automotive oil or containers and car batteries. If you have any questions about the week-long event, please contact Sarah Meyer, Community Outreach Coordinator of the Finger Lakes Institute, at (315) 781-4382 or e-mail her at

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