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Recognizing Two Student-Athletes

At HWS, our all-star athletes are also some of our all-star students. Recognizing their abilities on and off the court, the Liberty League nominated two Hobart basketball players – Ryan Young ’11 and Michael Barlow ’11  – to the Liberty League All-Academic Team for 2008-2009. The team recognizes college athletes who maintain at least a 3.2 cumulative grade point average.

“Being an athlete at Hobart and William Smith is tremendously beneficial toward succeeding as a student,” explained Barlow. “It’s taught me time management, discipline, leadership and how to be a central member of a team.”

Agreeing with his teammate, Young added, “It’s definitely taught me perseverance as well. On a sports team, there will be bad times and you will lose, but a good athletics program like the Colleges’ teaches you to keep giving your all and never to give up.”

So what keeps the hop in their sneakers’ step on the court? “For me, it’s the sense of camaraderie, especially in the locker room after a win,” said Young. Thinking back to when he arrived on campus, Barlow said that, “Having a concrete group of friends as teammates when I came to HWS as a first-year was a great added bonus to playing for the team.”

For both b-baller’s, there’s one thing that they love most about being a student at the Colleges: the professors. “At HWS, the professors are so engaged, open and available,” said Young. “If they happen to be in their office at 8 p.m., they’ll let you know and tell you that you can stop by; they’ll field e-mails over breaks; and they always make themselves available if you want to work with them on a topic more in depth.”

Barlow agrees, “They’re not only have a visible presence on campus – they’re enthusiastic. It’s so apparent that they love what they do and are happy to help in whatever way that they can.”

“You can’t get that at a big university,” added Young. “That’s the HWS liberal arts experience.”

A lightning-fast forward, Young is a biochemistry major and teaching fellow in chemistry. When he’s not in the lab, Young can be found holding activities and giving advice to his residents in Caird Hall, where he’s an RA. A member of Orange Key Honor Society, Young is hard at work founding a Learn-2-Lead program for Hobart College. After his time at HWS, he plans to go to medical school to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

A fanatic for the fast-break three-pointer, Barlow – also a forward – is a double major in economics and political science and a member of the inaugural class in the HWS Leadership Certification Program. Currently, he is utilizing the leadership experience to organize a spelling bee for Finger Lakes youth in early April. A member of Orange Key Honor Society, Barlow plans to pursue a career in finance or politics.

In the photo above, Young and Barlow (l to r) are seated in the cafe in Scandling Campus Center.