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Lucas and Deutchman Published

In a time of historic political change, DeWayne Lucas, associate professor of political science, and Iva Deutchman, professor of political science, are leading the way as experts on a vast range of subject matter. With a host of publications, Lucas and Deutchman were most recently published in Congress and the Presidency: A Journal for Capital Studies for their joint article, titled “Five Factions, Two Parties: Caucus membership in the House of Representatives, 1994-2002.”

“This paper examines the extent of ideological cohesion and distinction of two Republican congressional factions (the conservative Republican Study Committee and the moderate Republican Main Street Partnership) and three Democratic congressional caucuses (the moderate Blue Dog Coalition, the liberal Congressional Black Caucus, and the liberal Congressional Progressive Caucus) in the House of Representatives from 1994 to 2002,” Lucas and Deutchman wrote in the article’s abstract.

Iva Deutchman

They add that, “Whereas much of the literature on congressional caucuses has focused on the reasons members join such groups and the policy and political orientations of those groups, this paper examines how much unity exists in the voting behavior of the members of Congress who join caucuses in comparison to their fellow partisans not in a faction.”

“Although political parties are still a major unifying force for their respective party members, we do find that factional members are more ideologically cohesive than are nonfactional members,” Lucas and Deutchman explained. “Joining a faction is not an insignificant activity for members. Factions allow like-minded colleagues to come together and vote on common issues, at times against direction of their party.”

Congress and the Presidency is an interdisciplinary journal of political science and history published bi-annually by American University, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies. The journal features articles on Congress, the President, the interaction between the two institutions and national policy-making.

A member of the faculty since 2000, Lucas teaches courses on Introduction to American Politics, Elections and Voting, Political Parties in the United States, and The American Congress. He holds a B.A. from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and his M.A. and Ph.D. from State University at Binghamton.

Deutchman holds a Ph.D. and a master’s degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University in political science and economics. She is a professor of 20 plus years who has written a long list of publications in major journals, such as “Fundamentalist Christians, Raunch Culture and Post-industrial Capitalism,” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Summer 2008.