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Finding the Right Path

This summer Kayleigh DeLap ’10 is splitting her time between two internships in New York City. Three days a week she interns at Brown, Gavalas and Fromm LLP and once a week she has an internship under Judge Matthew Cooper ’74 of the Contested Matrimonial Court at the New York County Supreme Court. Through both experiences DeLap is focusing on the legal system, preparing for law school.

At Brown, Gavalas and Fromm LLP, DeLap conducts research related to the firm and its cases, summarizes transcripts into a deposition, and updates a medical chronology with information from certain cases. In addition, Attorney Robert Brown ’78, a Hobart alumnus, and his colleagues mentor DeLap about the profession. “I have been able to talk with the attorneys at the firm about their paths to law school and beyond,” she says.

DeLap, a double major in history and public policy with a concentration on environmental policy, is also gaining insight into potential career paths at her internship under Judge Cooper ’74.

“Judge Cooper is always interested in how my other internship is going and making sure I understand what is happening. He has also been willing to sit down and talk to me about how to become a Judge– that is something I am currently considering for a future career path.”

Her main responsibility at the Court House is attending motion hearings with Judge Cooper and taking notes on what is being discussed and decided. She says she is learning a lot about the legal system just by being in the environment.

She is also benefitting from working alongside two legal interns who have just finished their first year at law school. DeLap has been taking this opportunity to ask them about everything from taking the LSAT, applying to law schools, and living in New York City. 

“My time at HWS has given me many skills that have prepared me well for my internships.”

On campus, DeLap participates in Project Eye-to-Eye, mentoring local children with learning disabilities, and will begin working at the Center for Global Education starting this fall. She participated in the study abroad program in Central Europe as a junior.

DeLap is also the 2008-2009 recipient of the Elias Koch ’98 Memorial Scholarship in History and Study Abroad. Her internship was funded by the L. Thomas Melly ’52 Endowed Internship Fund.