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Mug Shot Program Launches

This year, Campus Greens has created a new activity called “Mug Shots” to help encourage the “green” lifestyle on campus. The Mug Shot program is similar to “Get Caught Green Handed,” the prize program that ran last year.  Expanding the reach of the program beyond the physical boundaries of campus, the program will have components on the Colleges Web site and on Facebook.

Members of Campus Greens, three of whom will be selected each week, will watch for students and faculty using reusable travel mugs and will then ask permission to take “mug shots,” photos of the people with their mugs. Those selected for mug shots will have their names recorded for drawings and will receive a pin to note they were recognized for their earth-friendly behavior.

Every Sunday, the Mug Shot photos will be uploaded to the HWS Mugshot Facebook group and the list of recorded names from each week will be entered into a raffle.  Prizes will be awarded from the café and book store. Additionally, one person will be awarded a second place prize for the category of most creative photo.  The second-place winner may have his or her photo appear in This Week in Photos. 

The goal of the Mug Shot program is to encourage students and faculty to use reusable mugs rather than paper and plastic coffee cups. Program organizers saw coffee mugs as a good place to emphasize waste reduction because coffee consumption on campus is high enough to make an impact. In the past Campus Greens has given away reusable water bottles and the café sells reusable containers. 

Campus Greens Co-President Casey Franklin explains, “The aim of mug shot is to get people excited about doing something that’s sustainable. Switching to a reusable mug isn’t really that hard. People just need a little push and positive reinforcement.”

In the photo above Hockey Coach Mark Taylor has fun participating in the new campaign.