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Sustainable Studies in Copenhagen

Jerimiah Booream-Phelps ’12 took part in the inaugural class for the Danish Institute for Study Abroad’s (DIS) “Sustainable Development” core class. Booream-Phelps is one of eight HWS students who participated in the program to Copenhagen and attended the DIS.

“One of the main draws of DIS is the ‘core class’ because everyone chooses one and that is where the main concentration for our time here lies,” he explains. “We go on a short and long study tour together to different places, depending on which core class you’re in.”

He participated in short study tours, of four days or so, to western and northern Denmark to visit many green-centric places, his favorite of which was the Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. The Folkecenter facilitates knowledge transfer and product development between countries and companies in relation to environmentally-friendly energy.

Booream-Phelps also took a class, “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business Practices” focused on how social responsibility is becoming an increasingly important part of business today. 

“This is very relevant to my life because I hope one day to help large companies substantially increase the positive impact they are having on society and the environment in a strategic manner that also increases returns to their bottom line (because that’s what will really get their attention focused on these issues),” he says.

While in Copenhagen, he also joined the newly-created sustainability task force. Created to help the DIS as an institution make a stronger statement in regards to environmental friendliness, the group was comprised of five students with varied backgrounds; the sustainability coordinator; the head of buildings and grounds; and professors with relevant specialty areas.

“Everyone there is very dedicated and interested in the success of the project, so I was quite excited to be a part of it,” says Booream-Phelps, who is also a member of the President’s Climate Task Force at HWS. He was assigned the task of working with buildings and grounds and other relevant departments to construct a full greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

During a two-week break in the semester, Booream-Phelps and two of his fraternity brothers from Phi Sigma Kappa who were also on the Copenhagen abroad program traveled throughout Europe, to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Innsbruck, Milan, Paris and Barcelona. An economics and environmental studies major, he is back on campus taking classes in both disciplines and is excited to have “exactly the schedule that he wanted” this semester.