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Seeberger ’12 Interning in Germany

Karissa Seeberger ’12 has been spending her summer in Berlin, Germany as an intern for Hope Foundation. 

At Hope Foundation, a humanitarian organization with the primary goal of promoting community development and alleviating poverty in rural and needy areas of Cameroon, Seeberger has been assisting the NGO in a multitude of tasks including fundraising, recruiting international volunteers, and editorial work. More specifically, Seeberger has been proofreading English texts for the website, and translating texts from German to English.

“I have had many opportunities to utilize my German skills and have worked closely with Hope Foundation’s events,” said Seeberger.

Seeberger also completed much of the press work to advertise Hope Foundation’s major annual charity event “Barefoot for Africa.” In order to market the event, Seeberger organized African cultural workshops which showcased reggae and African music. All of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards Hope Foundation’s upcoming trip to Cameroon. After Seeberger’s success at advertising for the successful event, she has been dubbed the office “News Girl,” and has had the opportunity to update the website’s news stories, making sure they are properly translated into French, German, and English. Seeberger will also be writing the inaugural newsletter for the organization, which will be posted on the new website and distributed to their sponsors.

“I have really been enjoying our international office where we have French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Cameroonian, and of course German team members, and where everyday it’s the norm to hear a variety of languages thrown around the office,” said Seeberger.

With a month left at Hope Foundation, Seeberger, an international relations major who has predominantly focused on developing areas in Latin America, said, “with this internship, I am looking to gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences between underdeveloped nations in Africa and those that I have already worked closely with in South America.” Seeberger also hopes to improve her German language skills as well as explore the city of Berlin, which she has studied during her time at HWS. 

Seeberger also studied abroad last spring in Tuebingen, Germany.

In the photo above, Seeberger (top left) is working in the office with other interns.