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Interning with G-III

Taking their first steps into the fashion industry, Yorleiny Terrero ’11 and Serena Holtsinger ’12 both obtained a summer internship with G-111 Apparel Group, which is home to Calvin Klein, Dockers, Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger. Terrero is interning with Jessica Howard Dresses while Holtsinger is working with the Eliza J. division.

“I have always known that I wanted to pursue a career in design, and this internship has definitely contributed to my growing interest in the field of fashion,” says Terrero. During her time at the Colleges, she participated in the Arts Collective’s fashion show, as a model in 2010, and then as a co-designer in 2011.

Holtsinger also has a passion for the fashion industry. She maintains a fashion blog, operates a jewelry business, and while on campus designed a clothing line in the Arts Collective fashion show and created an independent study called, “The Sociology of Fashion.”

“This internship with Eliza J. has only strengthened my interest in fashion,” says Holtsinger, who notes the importance of social media in today’s rapidly growing commerce sector. 

Both Terrero and  Holtsinger’s experiences have provided them with unique insight into the industry. “G-III offers many valuable opportunities that other companies within the same industry do not. For example, the majority of dress samples are constructed in-house so we get to see the complete creation and construction process from start to finish,” explains Holtsinger.

Well-acquainted with HWS students and alums, G-III currently employs four William Smith alumnae: Julia Brown ’99, Dana Greechan ’09, Sarah Palmer ’10 and Samantha Schaeter ’09

Receiving a B.A. in architecture, Terrero was a member of architecture society, the Latin American Organization and studied abroad in Rome, Italy. Holtsinger is majoring in sociology with a minor in urban studies. On campus, she is a member of Arts Collective and participated in the club’s Fashion Show since 2009.

In the photo above, Dana Greechan ‘09, Samantha Schraeter ’09, Sarah Palmer ’10, Julia Brown ’99, Serena Holtsinger ‘12 and Yorleiny Terrero ’11 gather for a photo at the G-III Apparel Group in New York City.