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America Reads Program and Participants Featured

The America Reads program and several students involved in it were highlighted in the Oct. 31 Finger Lakes Times article “HWS mentors boost literacy.” Lauren Gollwitzer, a senior math major, was featured tutoring a student.

Alicia Pagan, a senior psychology major who is coordinating the program at Border City Elementary School, said the students in America Reads “read more in one week that they would in a whole month [without the program].”

Bryan Romas, a Hobart junior who is organizing the program at St. Francis-St. Stephen School, explained how the program works for each child. “The activities we do with the kids are pretty routine. Every tutor has a folder for their kid, and in that folder there are three books appropriate for the child's reading level, there are some word games and maybe a writing exercise,” he said.

Professor of Education Charles Temple stressed that the greatest benefit of the program is not just its organization, but also its individualized nature. “We know a lot about the child already. “Then we [plan] a lesson that's exactly on the kid's abilities and difficulties. No child is neglected,” he said.

Katie Scollin, assistant director of public service and coordinator of the Colleges' America Reads program, advocated the program strongly and pointed out its success despite its “shoestring budget.”