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McGlew Discusses U.K. Grad Programs

Applying to graduate school can be a daunting prospect – and for those who wish to study abroad, the idea can seem near impossible. However, on Monday, Oct. 31, Tom McGlew of the University of Edinburgh will help to ease the transition for students hoping to study in the United Kingdom. McGlew will discuss graduate opportunities available in Britain at 4 p.m. in Trinity 305.

In his talk, McGlew will discuss the various graduate programs available in the United Kingdom – such as research-focused programs or those that rely on professorial instruction – and how they differ. He will also outline what British universities expect in applications from American students. Other questions that will be answered include how long traditional British graduate programs run, how much it costs to attend university in the U.K. and the various options for financial aid.

In addition to general information about graduate school in Britain, McGlew will discuss opportunities available at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The university is currently ranked the sixth best university in Europe.

McGlew is an American who has made his academic career in Britain. He has served as Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Chair of the Sociology Department at the University of Edinburgh.