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Serenbetz ’14 Interns in Amman

While participating in the Colleges’ semester abroad program in Amman, Jordan, last semester, Robert Serenbetz ’14 made a contact that led him to a summer internship working with Envision Consulting Group (EnConsult). EnConsult is a regional economic firm that has worked with a number of different government organizations, NGOs, and private sector clients. Serenbetz is working with a variety of these agencies under the guidance of Mansur Yusuf.

Serenbetz met Yusuf during the spring, while working on his semester-long research project. He needed to interview someone whose work incorporated Middle Eastern studies and economic research. Yusuf was the person he chose to interview and the two remained in touch.

At Envision, he has been working on condensing files and on various company projects making them into papers, which will be published.

Serenbetz enjoys the mix of cultures in the office and in the city, especially because he gets to learn Arabic and converse in both Arabic and English daily. He also points out that the city is a wonderful place to work because of its influence in the Middle East.

“This job is perfect. It is right where my interests converge between economics and international relations and it works with both planning in the private sector and development in the public sector,” Serenbetz explains.

In addition to his internship, Serenbetz volunteers at an NGO, the Harra Initiative, which is still in its planning stages. He also is taking private lessons in Arabic during what little free time he has so that he can better communicate with his neighbors.

On campus, Serenbetz is a double major in economics and international relations, focused on Middle Eastern studies and development. He also participates on the club soccer team and ORAP.

In the photo above, Robert Serenbetz’14 (right) poses for a photo with fellow students.