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HWS Community Joins in on ‘Gaypril’

The month of April, also known as Gaypril, is a time that revels in promoting the acceptance and equality of the LGBT community. On the HWS campus, and across the world, LGBT communities are celebrating Gaypril through a number of events.

In the spirit of Gaypril, the HWS Pride Alliance kicked off the month of activities with its first-ever Lavendar Gayla held on-campus over this past weekend. The Gayla was a semi-formal dinner, featuring student performances. It was a time for Pride Alliance members to recognize the work others did this year on behalf of the organization.

“Gaypril is a very busy month for Pride,” says Kelly Wendt, vice president of the HWS Pride Alliance. “Throughout the month, we put on events that promote visibility, acceptance, and equality of the LGBT communities on campus and in the world.”

Wendt says Pride called the upcoming event the Lavender Gayla because Lavender is a color associated with the gay community and gay pride.

Following the Gayla this week on Wednesday, April 10, transgender artist and educator, Rebecca Kling, is visiting campus for a workshop at 2 p.m. in the Emerson Hall and a performance at 7 p.m. in the Geneva Room of The L. Thomas Melly Academic Center, contiguous to the Warren Hunting Smith Library. Kling is the author of “No Gender Left Behind” and of blogs, such as the “The Thang Blog.”

On Monday, April 15, the Pride Alliance also will be holding an event called “Music Backwards.” Held at 7p.m., the event is modeled after the annual Broadway event called “Broadway Backwards,” where performers sing songs that are typically sung by a member of the opposite sex. All HWS a capella groups will be participating in the “Music Backwards” event, as well as dressing in drag to support the theme of Gaypril awareness.

The culmination of these Gaypril-themed events will take place on Friday, April 19, with the National Day of Silence, which was founded in 1996. During this day-long event a vow of silence is taken to bring attention to LGBTQ bullying and harassment that happens in schools. At night, the silence will be broken with a “Breaking the Silence” after party that will take place at the barn. All are invited to attend.

In attending and supporting these events, one can help to familiarize themselves with LGBTQ culture and the importance of Pride’s mission to make Gaypril a festive and lively event that recognizes the challenges that LGBTQ communities face locally on our campus and globally.

The photo above features organizers of Pride’s events.