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New Dates for Technos Experience

The Center for Global Education (CGE) is seeking first-year and sophomore students interested in representing the Colleges on a two-week, all expenses paid tour of Japan through the Technos International cross-cultural exchange program. Interested students must submit applications to CGE by Friday, Feb. 21.

The program is sponsored by Technos International College in Tokyo and the Tanaka Ikueikai Educational Trust. This year, the Technos International Week will be held from June 8 to 21. HWS students will be accompanied by a faculty member and depart from the U.S. on June 7.

Numerous academic, cultural and social activities are planned and participants will visit classes at Technos International College, interacting with its students and faculty. The program seeks to promote international exchange and understanding on the campus of Technos International College while offering groups the opportunity to experience and appreciate Japanese life and culture.

HWS students and faculty who have taken part in the trip in the past repeatedly described it as “amazing,” and noted they wished to return to Japan where their hosts were so welcoming.

The Japanese hosts will provide in-country travel, accommodations in Tokyo and elsewhere, and many meals during the two-week stay in Japan. The Colleges will cover the cost of international airfare and provide a small spending allowance. Students will be responsible for covering some costs associated with special activities, etc.

Per the sponsor’s request, student participants will be selected based on the following criteria: a demonstrated interest in Japan, its people, culture and history; an excellent academic record; a willingness to meet people from different racial and cultural backgrounds and experience aspects of Japanese culture, living conditions and cuisine which may be foreign; no previous travel experience in Japan; no (or limited) Japanese language skills; citizenship of the United States, European Union, New Zealand or a country whose citizens are permitted similar visa waiver conditions for short-term entry to Japan; and finally, a willingness and commitment to contribute to follow-up activities on the HWS campus to share your Technos experience with the wider community.

Students who are interested should stop by the Center for Global Education on the third floor of Trinity Hall to pick up the Technos application form as soon as possible. The form must be turned in no later than Feb. 21, with an essay and a letter of recommendation.

For more information, contact Amy Teel, program manager for the Center for Global Education, at ext. 3307 or