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Preparing for Maymester, Summer Session

In preparation of the Colleges’ 2015 Maymester and Summer Session, Provost and Dean of Faculty Titilayo Ufomata, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Associate Provost Christine de Denus and Associate Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean of Faculty DeWayne Lucas recently attended the North American Association for Summer Schools (NAASS) National Conference in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The national event convened administrators and professionals from across the country to share ideas, information and common experiences about providing summer courses and learning opportunities outside the traditional academic year. HWS became one of NAASS’ newest members earlier this year.

“It was a very useful conference in terms of outlining both the Maymester and Summer Session that we’re proposing,” Lucas says. “The Maymester and Summer Session provide an opportunity for students to catch up on classes that they may be behind on, as well as for HWS to use the campus facilities during the summer.”

Lucas says the conference provided attendees with a look at various models for organizing classes, scheduling and for utilizing available academic space.

Lucas, who is facilitating the Colleges’ 2015 Maymester and Summer Session, says that for many students, the opportunity to earn course credit outside the traditional academic year is an important part of their educational experience. Such programs, he says, are vital for students, whether it’s being able to take a class that’s in high demand, earning needed course credits, focusing on one’s major or completing one of the eight goals of the HWS curriculum.

“We’re seeing a number of advantages for this in helping to ensure that our students are getting a true HWS education,” Lucas says. “This is a great opportunity for students to continue their education during the summer with HWS faculty, while meeting our expectations and seeing that our educational processes are maintained.”

Lucas says the Maymester and Summer Session will also give faculty members the opportunity to experiment with their teaching style and strategies, as well as with the topics addressed in certain courses. Lucas says the summer programs give faculty a chance to focus on one course at a time.

It is anticipated that the Maymester will offer one course with classes offered three and half hours a day, five days a week for three weeks. There also will be library and study space available in the afternoon and evening. The Summer Session also will offer one course, with classes offered in two hour intervals five days a week for five weeks.

The Maymester is scheduled for May 18 to June 5 and Summer Session is scheduled for June 8 to July 10. 

Lucas says a notice about the summer offerings will be sent out to students and faculty following the fall semester. A list of classes offered during the Maymester and Summer Session will be published in January and students will be able to register in March and April.

“This is a pilot year,” Lucas says. “I encourage HWS students and faculty to look at this as an opportunity to try new things; new ways to present information, and engaging in new ways outside the traditional eight-month academic year.”

Lucas says Geneva is a beautiful place, so the Maymester and Summer Session also coincide with a wonderful time to stay in the area. “This is a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful campus and the opportunities available in the area during the warmer months,” he says.