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Teacher Education Program Seeks Applicants

The HWS Education Department will host three informational sessions for students seeking to enter its Teacher Education Program. Interested first-year and sophomore students are invited to attend any of three informational meetings, taking place on Monday, Feb. 23 at 12:15 p.m. or at 5:15 p.m. or Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 5:15 p.m. Each session will be held in the Geneva Room of the Warren Hunting Smith Library.

Faculty and staff from the Education Department will lead the sessions, discussing the program and its application process. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions about program options and how best to fit the program curriculum into their academic plans. First-year students are strongly encouraged to apply for the program this spring, though applications from sophomore students are also welcomed.

The department offers programs leading to New York State initial certification, which is also recognized in most other states. HWS students may be certified in one of the following areas: Childhood (Grades 1-6), Childhood and Students with Disabilities (Grades 1-6), Adolescent (Grades 7-12), TESOL (Grades preK-12), Music Education (Grades preK-12) and Art Education (Grades P-12).

Students who enroll in the program commit to weekly seminars each semester, which are tailored to fit each participant’s individual certification requirements. In addition to attending seminars led by HWS faculty, students will also be placed in local classrooms as assistant teachers to gain direct field experience. The most formative component of the program, field placements allow students to work with local and distinguished educators and interact with children at the student’s indicated certification level. By the time students reach the student teaching semester their senior year, they will have already logged around 200 hours of classroom work experience.

“Another very appealing aspect of the Teacher Education Program is that it is a professional program that builds on a student’s liberal arts studies,” says Associate Professor of Education and Chair of the Education Department Paul Kehle. “Students can pursue most any combination of majors and minors and still complete the Teacher Education Program in four years.”

First-year students will be able to fit the Teacher Education Program curriculum into their academic plan to graduate in four years with the major of their choice. This program allows students the freedom to pursue individual interests while still achieving certification in education. Sophomores who seek to apply to the program will take an alternate path, which requires commitment to attending a ninth semester at HWS. These students graduate on time and return to HWS for an additional semester (tuition free) to complete student-teaching.

The Teacher Education Program is one of the most dynamic and impressive programs of its kind offered by an institution of higher learning. Most graduates go on to become leaders in the field of education, offering the wider, socially-aware perspective inherent in the HWS community.

“We want our students to become active lifelong learners and reflective teachers–professionals who continually reflect on their practice of teaching so as to improve their students’ learning,” Kehle reflects. “We also hope our students become leaders in the field of education and represent all that is best about an HWS liberal arts education.”