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Films Sought for 12 Windows: Encountering Culture Through Film Series

The Partnership for Global Education seeks faculty-chosen films that explore cultures outside the U.S. for its new fall film series–12 Windows: encountering culture though film. Faculty are also invited to introduce the works and lead discussion after the screening. Screenings will be scheduled for Mondays at 7 p.m. in the Sanford Room. The schedule is filling up fast; to enter a film please contact Doug Reilly at

12 Windows: encountering culture through film, is the new PGE film series for fall 2002. The idea is to have HWS faculty/staff choose and (if possible) briefly introduce their pick for most powerful film representing or exploring the culture of a community outside the U.S. The films may focus on any level of community, including broad regions, nations, multiethnic states, cities, neighborhoods or villages. The films will serve as “windows” for the student audience, providing them insight into the inner workings of the community, its relationship to neighboring communities, and its place in the context of a diverse human geography.

The only criteria is that the film be under three hours, understandable to all (English or subtitles) and accessible to an audience encountering the culture for the first time. Depending on the response from faculty/staff we may extend the series into the spring semester.

The PGE has already reserved the Sanford Room every Monday from 7 until10 p.m., and will handle the advertising for the film and run the screening (equipment, etc). The faculty/staff member need only introduce the film and lead any discussion that takes place afterwards. The PGE will work with the faculty member in finding a copy of the film if it is not readily available (library, private collection, rental). If faculty/staff wish, the PGE will also assist in preparing a short hand-out to provide some additional context and insight for the audience.

As with many on-campus programs, the largest key to the success of last spring’s series was the incorporation of the films into class curricula or the provision of extra credit for film attendance. Therefore faculty members are highly encouraged to think about integrating the films in this series into their classes, or submit films already scheduled for a class if the film would have wider appeal.

The PGE will post the a list and schedule of films as soon as possible so faculty will have time to consider adding them to their course requirements or providing extra credit for them.