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HWS Professors Critique Bush Press Conference

Two political science professors call comments misleading and questionable

Geneva, N.Y. — Two Hobart and William Smith Colleges political science professors have critiqued a transcript of President George W. Bush's March 6 press conference in which Bush repeated past charges against the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, voiced his negative assessment of the United Nations inspections regime, and described his vision for a post-Hussein Iraq.

“Unfortunately, President Bush's comments were riddled with misleading claims and questionable rhetorical maneuvers. As scholars and citizens, we are deeply concerned by these flaws in the President's case for war. As this country moves closer to military action, it is imperative that Americans consider all the evidence available in a sustained and critical way,” said Assistant Professors Virginia Tilley and Kevin Dunn, who have reviewed, paragraph by paragraph, the transcript of the press conference.

“Our basic goal is simply to bring more critical focus on what some have seen as Bush's overwhelming evidence, by pointing out some of his rhetorical maneuvers, misrepresentations of facts, questionable interpretations of evidence,” said Tilley and Dunn.

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