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William Smith Grad Takes Emmy

ABC news producer Kristen Adams, a 1986 William Smith graduate, won an Emmy for Best Interview of 2001 this fall.

October 10, 2002 GENEVA, N.Y.—An interview between Diane Sawyer and New York City Fire Chief Daniel Nigro—just one week after the World Trade Center disaster—earned ABC news producer Kristen Adams an Emmy for Best Interview of 2001. Adams, formerly Kristen Strand, is a 1986 graduate of William Smith College.

Nigro was the chief of operations and second in command at the New York City Fire Department when he and his best friend, Chief Pete Ganci, saw the first plane hit the World Trade Center. They raced from Brooklyn to the Trade Center to set up the command post. Nigro went one way and survived while his friend Ganci went the other and was killed in the first collapse.

“Nigro had to take over in a battlefield promotion while grieving for his friend and a few hundred of his men,” Adams said. “We interviewed him one week after the tragedy, talking about the dangerous search and rescue mission, the task of digging out with the fires still burning, and leading a department decimated by the tragedy. He was wonderful.”

Adams is a producer for Diane Sawyer at “Prime Time Thursday.” She has worked in broadcast journalism since graduating from William Smith. She started as a secretary with NBC Sports, then began producing at CNBC and the NBC Nightly News before moving to ABC News.

Over the past several years Adams has covered some of the world’s hottest stories, including the war in the Balkans, the return of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba, and the death of Princess Diana. She and Sawyer grabbed the first interview with Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris during the 2000 election controversy, and Adams has conducted interviews with President George H. W. Bush, Paul McCartney, and Paul Newman, among others.

The 54th Annual Emmy Awards were presented Sept. 22.