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Dobkowski seeks students for March of Remembrance

In May 2006, Evan Brown '08, Jacquelyn Sands '09, Jennie Seidewand '09 and Kirby Rootes-Murdy '08 joined Professor of Religious Studies Michael Dobkowski on a trip to Poland that would forever alter their consciousnesses. “The March for Remembrance and Hope,” a week-long European excursion focusing on the events of the Holocaust, altered their lives.

“The March is one of the most incredible trips you could take, Rootes-Murdy says.

Dobkowski, an expert on genocide, reflects that he has “never had experiences like this … I can't think of doing anything more important.”

Dobkowski is looking for 12-14 students to join him this May for the 2008 March. The students chosen will spend the week of May 16-23 learning of the dangers of ethnic and religious intolerance in addition to ways to promote positive relations among differing cultures.

This year, the trip will include stops in Germany as well as Poland. Students from these Colleges will join approximately 20 Nazareth College students and nearly 200 Canadian students for orientation before departing for Germany together.

In Berlin, they will visit Wannsee, where, in January 1942, several senior Nazi officials planned the extermination of the Jews in Europe. Throughout the week, the students will also visit a labor camp in Plaszow, Poland; the death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek, and the synagogue and cemetery in Tykocin, honoring the memory of the millions who died during the Holocaust.

Brown said the experience would be a great opportunity for students majoring in fields who otherwise would not travel to Germany and Poland.

The March of Remembrance and Hope is unique in its inclusion of Holocaust survivors who offer first-hand accounts of the Holocaust throughout the trip. Dobkowski says that Holocaust survivors add a dimension that a purely academic setting could not cover.

“I don't know that words can capture the experience … it's much more powerful.”

After the trip, students are expected to become active in programs that share the aims of the March: promoting tolerance among people with diverse backgrounds and encouraging cooperation among all people.

Dobkowski asks anyone interested to e-mail him at

Additional information on the March and applications may be found at remembranceandhope.