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Rimmerman Honored by Fazen ’99

Craig Rimmerman, professor of political science, recently received a letter and two certificates honoring his service in education from Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Curtis Fazen '99, who will graduate this year from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), chose to honor Rimmerman as a teacher who made a crucial difference in his life. He made his class gift to the HGSE in Rimmerman’s honor. Fazen wrote in his tribute, “Professor Rimmerman cares both about his students' academic learning, and their development as people.”

“That is one of the most meaningful tributes that I have received in my 20 years of teaching at the college level,” said Rimmerman. “Curtis is a terrific young man, who is completing his master's degree in education at Harvard this year, and I am lucky to know him. The great irony of all of this is that he never took a class with me–I got to know him through students of mine who were his good friends and through various evening events that were open to our entire community–a reminder of the importance of faculty/student interaction outside of the classroom.”