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Clique Brands Intern

This summer, Jane Blumin ’19 is working as a sales and marketing intern at Clique Brands, Inc. at its headquarters in New York City. Having worked at V Productions in Los Angeles, Calif., in March, Blumin is building on her previous experience to launch a career in the digital media and marketing industry.

At Clique Brands, Blumin has joined a network of employees from around the world who manage popular consumer brands, while focusing on the marketing of lifestyle and community-based products in the fashion, beauty and home decor divisions. Blumin works with the Advertising Sales Associate and the Strategic Partnerships team to develop innovative partnership strategies and conduct market research for brands such as Who What Wear, Byrdie and My Domain.

The media and society major says she is applying the critical thinking skills she gained from participating in HWS’ Stu Lieblein ’90 Pitch Contest in order to succeed in the fast-paced role. Furthermore, Blumin’s dedication to her coursework prepared her for a variety of the duties demanded in the position.

“HWS’ academic programs in both media and society and entrepreneurial studies instilled in me the discipline required to be successful in my role,” she says. “Specifically, being highly organized, being a great communicator and having the ability to complete many different tasks simultaneously.”

A behind-the-scenes photograph taken by Blumin of Elton John performing at his benefit.
A behind-the-scenes photograph taken by Blumin of Elton John performing at his benefit.

Through her internship with V Productions, Blumin and her team helped organize the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Party. Her responsibilities included overseeing rehearsals, completing site and equipment inspections and dealing with confidential errands for guest stars and staff members. The party was held in West Hollywood Park and saw the attendance of celebrities such as Elton John, Lionel Riche, Miley Cyrus and Heidi Klum.

“Working with the staff was a terrific experience,” says Blumin. “After distributing, collecting and counting Oscar prediction ballot forms from all the guest celebrities, I was backstage watching performances by Elton John and Greta Van Fleet.”

Blumin collaborated with a team of nine professionals, including Katie Meyer ’17, who works as a media advertiser at IPG MediaBrands. Blumin and her colleagues worked to develop new ideas, coordinate technical processes and aided with marketing and logistical issues.

Blumin is thankful for the internship opportunities, each of which has offered her new challenges and chances to learn. “I think it is important to find a profession that you are passionate about and to always stay open-minded when looking for internships,” she says. “Internships give you the opportunity to test-run a career and learn skills that go beyond the classroom setting.”

In the photo above, Jane Blumin’19 (right) stands with Katie Meyer ’17.