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A Path to Medical School

Mylod_Gabriella_1Through clinical internships and undergraduate research as a chemistry major at HWS, to a job as a nurse’s assistant, Gabriella Mylod ’14 has prepared to become a doctor.

In 2016, she began the medical program at SUNY Stony Brook, where she is leaning toward a focus on primary care. In this new academic environment with other aspiring physicians, Mylod is completing her first year’s coursework, exploring anatomy, biochemistry, pathology and immunology as well as medical practice and ethics.

“I feel honored to be among some of the most intelligent, compassionate and caring people in the country,” she says. “I feel privileged to be going into such an important profession and am excited to make a difference in people’s lives.”

As an undergraduate, Mylod completed a clinical internship program, spending 50 hours in one semester shadowing a physician. After graduation, she worked nearly two years as a nurse’s assistant at Albany Medical Center.

“This experience taught me a great deal about the medical field and how it works,” she says. “It also brought out characteristics in myself that I believe will help me care for patients such as compassion, listening skills, and an understanding of what it is really like to be a patient in the hospital.”

As she applied to medical schools, Mylod, a health professions minor, worked with Scott MacPhail, the health professions counselor at the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education, who “played a vital role…[and] was there every step of the application process.”

As an HWS student, Mylod also studied abroad in Norwich, England, completed summer research under the direction of Professor of Chemistry Walter Bowyer that evolved into an independent study, and worked as a teaching assistant in the Chemistry Department and an orientation mentor.