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Abbe Center Hosts “Dialogues on Diversity”

The Abbe Center for Jewish Life will host the social justice theater troupe Dialogues on Diversity, who will perform their show “The Black-Jew Dialogues:  A Multicultural Comedy,” on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. in the Geneva Room. A Q&A session will follow the 90-minute performance.

This two-person show uses comedy to explore issues of social justice and to foster a dialogue across racial and religious differences. Praised by The Boston Globe for its ability to “get to the heart of what divides people,” “The Black-Jew Dialogues” is consistently credited with sparking conversations about prejudices with laughter.

“Commitment to social justice is an important part of Judaism – and an important part of many of our students’ Jewish identity,” says Julianne Miller, director of the Abbe Center for Jewish Life. “We are taught that all people are sacred, are holy and are created in God’s image. A program that will help us find that commonality beyond difference is also fundamentally in line with Jewish values.”

Miller hopes that the performance will encourage inclusive dialogue. “The situations that Jews and African-Americans have faced in our country have certainly not been the same– but there is a basis for connection, for common understanding and for support,” Miller says. “We don’t have to agree on or share everything – but it is important to see that there is much in terms of history and purpose that we do share.”