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Since the “Culture of Respect” report was published in 2015 recommending that the Colleges’ coordinate structure be contemporized to meet the needs of 21st century students, the Colleges have heard from many members of the HWS community who have expressed their views with passion and enthusiasm. Although the sentiments voiced have often differed, what connects all reflections is the sincere desire to ensure that students have an educational environment in which they can thrive.

On October 20, 2018, the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Board of Trustees unanimously passed the following resolution:

“The Board of Trustees is committed to the coordinate heritage and mission of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. We recognize that historic structures, policies and procedures must meet the needs of all students and therefore ask the Student Experience Committee, working with Interim President McGuire and the greater campus community, to create specific recommendations that will adapt our coordinate construct to ensure that all students are welcomed and supported throughout their Hobart and William Smith education. We ask that these recommendations be prepared by the April 2019 Board Meeting.”

It was the belief of the Student Experience Committee that the best recommendations to evolve the coordinate construct would emerge directly from the members of the Hobart and William Smith community. After conducting an open inquiry lasting six months and after consultation with students, faculty, staff, alumni and alumnae, the Student Experience Committee put forth a series of recommendations to evolve the coordinate system that were then approved by the full Board of Trustees as policy.