Strategic Diversity Plan Progress Assessment

Efforts to engender meaningful change depend on institutional support and resources, deliberate action, and ongoing assessment. The Strategic Diversity Plan (SDP) represents an institutional commitment to creating positive social change. It offers HWS an opportunity to declare its deepest held values and articulate ways of upholding those commitments both on campus and in the Geneva community. It is a living document which guides the institution in developing strategies that promote equity and diversify the community.

The SDP includes goals and recommendations organized along six key areas: Teaching and Learning, Recruitment and Retention, Space, Student Relations, Community Development and Institutional Research.


In an effort to gauge and monitor progress towards addressing the goals and recommendations, we have created a progress form for each of the six key areas. We encourage departments, programs, and offices to review the SDP webpage as a means of identifying specific recommendations that they have addressed.
SDP Webpage (dynamic version of SDP)

Once you have specific actions, initiatives, or accomplishments to add, please use the appropriate progress form to submit your information.
Area 1 – Teaching and Learning
Area 2 – Recruitment and Retention
Area 3 – Space
Area 4 – Student Relations
Area 5 – Community Development
Area 6 – Institutional Research