Student Led Initiatives

This document was created by Fatim Cisse ’23

Hour of power Chats: power to dismantle, unify, educate, and strengthen

#I said black lives matter and that’s that on THAT!

To have weekly saturday zoom meetings at 12:30pm to discuss the upcoming revolution

Start date:
Saturday June 6, 2020 at 12:30

Students at HWS and other campuses (tell a friend), scholars willing to give insight on the topic being discussed that day, and people in the positions we are discussing.

Fatim.Cisse@hws.edu or follow Hour Of Power Page on Instagram @hour_of_power_chats.


  • To educate the black mind to have a deeper understanding of self
  • juxtapose black history before colonization and after
  • Empower the black existence so that they feel prepared and confident to advocate and teach other blacks
  • Discuss revolutionary current, past, and global black events
  • Prepare black people for the revolution and expose them to black resources/tools
  • Become a black supportive group both emotionally, intellectually, and economically
  •  Learn how to first acknowledge generational pain and trauma to then abdicate it and STOP the cycle!
  • Learn as much as we can about ourselves for ourselves ( It’s only up from here folks!!!)

Having weekly Hours Of Power chats will help blacks unlearn all the false identities put on to them and help them realize the absolute power they have without such white identities placed on them. The sessions will help blacks become more dependent on one another rather than the white man. Our weekly sessions will help blacks fully understand that any progression of blacks has been made by black people, which will create a space of responsibility and unification within the Hour Of Power Chats.  I encourage all people of color, scholars willing to add to the conversations, and people in the positions being disused to join the zoom call. I want you to walk away knowing your power so that you know how to make change and that you can make change that will inspire others to do the same.

What will the first meeting be about? ( June 6)
The goal of the first meeting will be to discuss police brutality on the local level. As the weeks progress we will be discussing police brutalities on a state then national level. The goal is to not just identify the problem, but how black communities looked before the problem. In this case the problem is white supremacy, corruption, and police brutality. I think it’s really important to teach blacks  what things looked like before this mass corruption so that they can feel deserving and understand their stance when advocating for themselves. To help us navigate this conversation will be Dr. Hussain, students of the HWS community, scholars on the topic and potential people in these positions Hussain or some of you have connections too.

What am I asking from potential organizers? 
Help make this happen, both I and your ancestors believe in you! THANK YOU AND I LOVE YA!!!!! Black POWERRRRR FOREVVAAAAA