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Abroad in Norwich

Chloe Emler ’20, Carsen Lennon ’20 and Sarah Linsner ’20 are studying abroad at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England where they are pursuing their academic passions while immersing themselves in British culture and everyday life.

In collaboration with the HWS Center for Global Education, UEA offers a wide range of academic courses, allowing the William Smith juniors to explore a variety of disciplinary interests while participating in the global study and international exchange program.

Emler, a media and society major with an entrepreneurial studies minor, says her coursework has given her the opportunity to engage with her studies while enjoying life in the city of Norwich. Through her coursework, Emler says, “I get to experience the city, learning about its history through the museums I visit, while also learning more about gallery and museum studies as a whole,” she says.

Lennon is an environmental studies major with a double minor in public policy and law and society. In pursuit of her dream to study environmental law at the graduate level, Lennon is enrolled in the environmental politics and policy making program in Norwich. “Although the class focuses on the UK and the EU, I can use policies that have been successful here and work those into environmental policy that will help the U.S. fight climate change and reduce our impact on the environment,” Lennon says.

Lennon says one of the most rewarding experiences of her semester abroad has been learning from top scholars in the field, including acclaimed social scientist Andrew Jordan. “Professor Jordan is a renowned consultant on environmental policy in the UK. Even as he teaches class this semester, he is consulting with Parliament on environmental policy through Brexit.”

Linsner, who is studying to be a secondary education chemistry teacher through the HWS Teacher Education Program, has enjoyed her firsthand experiences. “I have already been in a classroom where I was able to see the similarities and differences from my educational experiences at HWS versus England and the UEA,” Linsner says. “The perspectives and experiences here will help me in the classroom when I am a teacher thinking about new ways students can learn.”