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Field Research

Anthropology majors are encouraged to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom and participating in field research is a popular and useful educational component. Starting as early as the introductory courses, students are given opportunities to conduct field work through research methods classes and several electives. In addition to the opportunities presented through coursework, many students regularly participate in the Geneva Collaborative Internship program as well.

Sample Research

Here’s a recent sampling of some of the research our students are doing:
  • Whitney Swanson ’20: Exploring Animal Frontiers: Space, Place, and Culture Brenda Maiale, Adviser
  • Sara DeVault-Feldman ’17: Crafting and Creating Community in Geneva, New York: An Investigation of the Local Foods Movement and Farm to Table Restaurants Brenda Maiale, Adviser
  • Sophia Richards ’17: Rape and Reform: The Politics of Protection and Complacency Jason Rodriguez, Adviser