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In architectural studies, students pursue a rigorous multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to design education embracing a liberal arts philosophy, based on the belief that roundly educated individuals make the best architects. Interdisciplinary coursework informs students about the complex relationship between environmental sustainability and human habitation. Students become visual communicators, creative problem solvers, non-linear thinkers, and collaborative learners. The architectural studies major prepares graduates to enter a number of different fields in design, including architecture, landscape architecture, product design, urban design, interior design, and historic preservation. Our students minor and double major in a range of areas across the Colleges to complement their career choices in programs such as environmental studies, urban studies, art history, philosophy and a host of other areas.

Students have the opportunity to culminate their undergraduate careers with a highly rewarding honors program. The honors program consists of a yearlong course of study, which is developed and pursued in close collaboration with a faculty mentor.



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Requirements for the Architectural Studies Major (B.A.)

interdisciplinary, 14 courses

One Introduction to Architectural Studies course, two studio art courses, three architecture history and theory courses, two architecture design studios, one environmental design and sustainability course, one history course, one urban and social science studies course, and three electives selected in consultation with an adviser in the program.

For more information, see the complete list of the major course requirements for Architectural Studies.

A Unique Co-Curriculum

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