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The Department of Art and Architecture offers three independent, yet integrated programs of study: Architecture, Art History and Studio Art. Art History and Studio offer a major and minor.

Each program is highly interdisciplinary in nature, cultivating an understanding of cultural production through a wide-variety of perspectives, preparing students for numerous professional pathways.

The Art History curriculum includes many opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience through internships, direct engagement with the Davis Gallery collection, as well as independent research projects designed in accordance with the interests of the student under the close mentorship of the Art History faculty.


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Requirements for the Art History Major (B.A.)

disciplinary, 12 courses

Two courses from ARTH 101, ARTH 102, ARTH 103, or ARTH 110; at the 200-level or higher, one course in ancient or medieval art, one course in Asian art, one course in Renaissance or Baroque art, one course in American or modern art, a 300-level course, a 400-level capstone course, two art history electives, and two studio art courses.

Requirements for the Art History Minor

disciplinary, 6 courses

ARTH 101, ARTH 102, ARTH 103, or ARTH 110; one studio art course; and four additional art history courses.