A Changing World. A Changing You.

Develop your knowledge and analysis of weather and climates through the Colleges’ Atmospheric Science program. Available either as a minor or concentration in geoscience, you’ll get to work hands-on with trained meteorologists in a cross-disciplinary program that weaves together rigorous scientific exploration and human interaction, preparing you for future endeavors in Atmospheric Science.

Student Spotlight

Alex Dwyer ’23

Exploring the social, economic and political ramifications of climate change and its relationship to Atmospheric Science has been the focus of Alex’s academic career. This work has landed her an internship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and funding for future research.

Experiential EducationLearning in the Field

experiental learning

Track tornados in the Midwest or learn how climate change can influence public policy at the Finger Lakes Institute.

At Hobart and William Smith Colleges, learning goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. You’ll gain high-impact practical experience that deepens learning and opens doors.

Global Education

Global Education Worldwide Study

Study climate change’s effect on poverty in Germany or how animals adapt to drought in South Korea.

Wherever you go, you’ll apply classroom knowledge, develop cultural understanding and build global connections that expand your personal capacity and sense of purpose.

Global Education

Learn the basics and then hone your analytical skills in Atmospheric Science.

  • GEO 182 Intro to Meteorology

    Take an in-depth look at many of the fundamental aspects of the atmosphere. Understand severe weather, factors influencing climate and how these phenomena impact every part of our lives.

  • ATMO 245 Climate Change Science

    Examine the past, present and future of Earth’s climate changes through discussions, data analysis and climate modelling in addition to comparing Earth’s natural fluctuations with our current situation.

  • GEO/ATMO 260 Weather Analysis

    Discover day-to-day weather patterns with an emphasis on understanding the basics of meteorological processes and forecasting, independent analysis of weather events and mastery of hands-on data analysis.

Alum Impact

Jeremiah Otero Piersante ’18,
Graduate Assistant in the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at University at Albany, SUNY

Jeremiah’s fascination with meteorology started when he was a child. After an intro geoscience course, he decided to declare his major with a meteorology concentration, leading the way to summer research with faculty and internships that prepared him for his post-graduate work.

Companies that Employ Our Graduates

  • Scripps Institute
  • National Weather Service
  • South Dakota Mesonet
  • Finger Lakes Institute
  • Pacific Whale Foundation
  • Brandwatch
  • Forbes Tate Partners
  • National Park Service
  • Environment Resources Management
  • The Washington Post
  • APTIM Environment
  • Building Energy Exchange
  • Numerous High Schools
  • Albert Engineering
  • Haley and Aldrich Geology
  • AmeriCorps
  • PS&S Design and Engineering
  • Summit Drilling Corporation
  • Fremont Environmental
  • The Pike Company
  • Orleans County Health Department
  • Tetra Tech Environmental
  • Chubb
  • American Water
  • Brown and Caldwell
  • Ace Info Solutions, Inc.
  • Day Automation
  • United States Golf Association
  • Guy Carpenter
  • Thule Group
  • Yuba Water Agency
  • D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
  • The Nature Conservancy and North Shore Land Alliance
  • Hazen and Sawyer
  • TRC Companies
  • Verisk
  • Liberty Mutual

Universities where our graduates are studying

  • Colorado State University
  • University at Albany
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Ohio University
  • University at Maryland
  • University at Virginia
  • Virginia Tech
  • Columbia
  • Harvard
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
  • University of Vermont
  • Plymouth State University
  • University of Miami
  • Texas Tech University
  • Washington State University
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Georgetown University
  • University of Florida
  • Binghamton University