All of the chemistry faculty are research and grant active and involve undergraduate students in their research programs. Faculty research interests include synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, and the chemistry and pharmacology of alcohol.


More than 90% of chemistry majors become actively engaged in research during their academic careers either during the semester or over the summer. Approximately 15-18 students do research on campus each summer with chemistry faculty and another 20-25 students typically do research during the academic school year. Some students start doing research as early as their first year.

Students interested in pursuing careers in medicine also have access to clinical internships, skill training and direct patient care experiences through a special partnership with Finger Lakes Health, a local health system with 75 staff physicians and a broad range of primary and specialty services located just one mile from campus

Here is a recent sampling of projects completed by chemistry majors:

  • Kaitlynn A Sockett ’20: “The Synthesis of Novel 3,4-Bisindole Furanone Analogs of Staurosporinone”
    Erin T. Pelkey, Adviser
  • Charmaine Bing Bing Chung ’19: “The Effects of Macromolecular Crowding on Enzyme Kinetics”
    Kristin Slade, Adviser
  • Peter A. Banks ’18: “Development of the Synthesis and Purification of Precursors for Potential Anticancer Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors”
    Justin Miller, Adviser
  • Sophia J. Melvin ’18: “Developing Synthetic Routes Towards Novel 3-Aryl-4-indolyl-furan-2-ones”
    Erin Pelkey, Adviser
  • Sydney H. Smilen ’18: “Developing HPLC Purification Methods for Precursors of Potential Anticancer Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors”
    Justin Miller, Adviser
  • Fernando Bañales Mejia ’17: “Developing Multiple Synthetic Routes Towards Nitrogen Heterocycles”
    Erin Pelkey, Adviser
  • Ryan T. Davison ’17: “Integrating LCMS Analysis and Purification into the Synthesis of Depsipeptidic Potential Anticancer Chemotherapeutics”
    Justin Miller, Adviser
  • Nathanyal J. Truax ’17: “Working Towards the Diverted Total Synthesis of Staurosporinone”
    Erin Pelkey, Adviser