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French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

The French, Francophone, and Italian Studies department offers courses that acknowledge the richness and diversity of French- and Italian-speaking cultures. At HWS, students are encouraged to immerse themselves in language and culture both in the classroom and in one of our study abroad programs offered through the Center for Global Education.

French and Francophone Studies

After presenting their senior portfolios, French majors gather with Professors of French and Francophone Studies Catherine Gallouet, Kanate Dahouda and Court Wells.

Student Profile: Sofia Schuller '22

Sofia Schuller '22

Majors: Economics and French

“Being a French major at HWS allowed me to explore a wide range of topics that I never would’ve otherwise, like film, literature, politics and history. As a double major, I’m always able to make connections between my two fields of study, and thanks to my diverse French courses I am able to look at economic problems from different perspectives. My experience in French has taught me valuable skills of communication, problem-solving and analysis that I use every day.”

Meet Our Faculty

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Spotlight: Recent Grad

Recent Grad

Ato K. B. Bentsi-Enchill '17

Current Position: Owner, 8 volta work spaces; Director, Black Adam Africa Capital

Current Location: Accra, Ghana

Majors: International Relations and French and Francophone Studies

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Sample Courses

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Intermediate French I
This course is for students who have successfully completed the elementary sequence or equivalent. Students practice oral/aural skills as well as review fundamentals of French grammar. This course uses French as the principal language of instruction in the classroom. Prerequisite: FRN 102 or equivalent, placement, or permission of the instructor.