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Excellence in French Certificate

Students who are passionate about French and Francophone Studies and who recognize the vital role of languages in global cultural understandings, may decide to enroll in the HWS EXCELLENCE IN FRENCH certificate to have their passion and their accomplishments recognized.

Certificate Goals

1. To recognize academic ‘Excellence in French” among FFS majors and minors.

2. To highlight student academic achievements and life experiences that enhance student professional future.

3. To highlight the educational value of “French across the curriculum” and recognize its role in 21st century Liberal Arts education.


1. A minimum 3.00 GPA in French and Francophone Studies.

2. A minimum 3.00 overall GPA.

3. Two majors, one is a disciplinary or interdisciplinary major in French and Francophone Studies -or- one major in French and Francophone Studies, and one minor in another area of study.

4. A language practicum consisting of minimally one of these two options:

  • a) One semester with a H.W.S. French speaking program, approved by the department and in consultation with adviser.
  • b) Internship, field experience, and/or service in French, adding to the equivalent of 4 credits, as approved by the department, and in consultation with adviser.

During language practicum, students will address their other area of expertise (a non-French major or minor) in French to establish a “dialogue” between the two, in consultation with adviser. This conversation may take the form of with courses, projects, internship or service addressing that both disciplines.

5. A senior capstone, using the current format of the FFS Senior Portfolio, that will integrate the dialogue between the FFS major and the student other major or minor, and incorporate this multi disciplinary knowledge into the portfolio.


Enrolling in the EXCELLENCE IN FRENCH certificate program is an option for all FFS majors, but departmental faculty will also identify potential students, and inform them of this opportunity.

Students who have fulfilled all the qualifications will receive the HWS EXCELLENCE IN FRENCH certificate. This will be part of student college transcripts, together with Latin praise. All students qualifying for EXCELLENCE IN FRENCH will become member of the French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi.


Kanate Dahouda, Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies
(315) 781-3799