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The Department of History conceives the human community in time, to explain events in their various connections; in space, juxtaposing events on one part of the world with those in other parts of the world; and in a system of analytic categories, exploiting every feature of the disciplines that offer insight into human thought and activity in the past.

All History majors are required to select an area of concentration by their junior year. The concentration may be geographic (African and Middle Eastern, North American, Latin American, Asian or European); thematic (industrialism, gender or revolutions); or chronological (medieval, early modern or modern).

History offers a disciplinary major, a B.A., and a disciplinary minor.

History Class

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Requirements for the Major (B.A.)

disciplinary, 10 courses

At least two 100-level introductory courses (EUST 102 and ASN 101) may substitute for one or more introductory history courses); four 200-level or higher history courses in one area of concentration (geographic, thematic, or chronological); four additional history courses, only one of which may be at the 100-level. Of the 10 courses in the major, at least three courses must cover different geographical areas. At least two of the 10 courses for the major must be at the 300-level or above. At least one of the 300-level or higher courses must be a research seminar, history independent study, or history honors project.


Requirements for the Minor

disciplinary, 5 courses

At least one 100-level introductory course (EUST 102 and ASN 101 may substitute for one or more introductory history courses); at least one 300- or 400-level history course; three additional history courses, not more than one of which may be at the 100-level. At least two of the courses must be in two different geographic areas.