• The Media and Society Student Ambassadors Program connects outstanding Media and Society majors and minors with prospective majors and minors. Ambassadors meet with prospective students who are visiting HWS during Admissions events, sharing their experiences as students in the Media and Society Program and offering insights about how the program has helped them to discover and pursue their academic and professional goals. Ambassadors also meet with current HWS students who are exploring the major and minor. Ambassadors serve as peer advisors and mentors during individual and group advising meetings. They offer advice about course selections within the major, study abroad programs that fit well with the major, and internship and networking opportunities.

    If you are interested in connecting with a Media and Society Student Ambassador, please contact the Media and Society Program Chair, Lisa Patti, at patti@hws.edu.


    Olivia Broomes

    Media and Society major; Entrepreneurial Studies minor Olivia Broomes '23

    One of my favorites classes I've taken in the Media and Society program is Cultures of Advertising because I not only gained the foundational knowledge to make a great advertising campaign but also learned the historical contexts and theories that influence advertising. My favorite project in that course was the Industry Portfolio in which I had to submit ten entries on what's going on in the advertising world, its impact, and my opinion on the matter. I really enjoyed curating this project because I learned about current issues in the advertising world and the role that advertising plays in our everyday lives. As of now, I'm interested in a career in marketing and hope to study either marketing or social innovation in graduate school.

  • Cornforth

    Media and Society major; Economics & French and Francophone Studies minor Ava Cornforth ’24

    Although my academic interests vary widely, I think they will give me a great foundation for a career I am hoping to pursue in commercial real estate. I have found the course Cultures of Advertising to be extremely interesting. A recent project that I really enjoyed was when we were tasked in Cultures of Advertising with rebranding a failed product. This project deepened my understanding of the integral components of launching a successful product and also gave me the chance to be creative with my ideas.

  • Andrea Delgado

    Media and Society and Women’s Studies double major Andrea Delgado '22

    Throughout my four years in the Media and Society Program, I have found my passion for the production of media. I have taken interesting classes like Art of Experimental Cinema and The Video Essay, honing my skills as a multifaceted media creator.

  • Lauren Earley

    Media and Society and French double major; Entrepreneurial Studies minor Lauren Earley '23

    I have worked as a Media & Society Teaching Assistant, supporting Introduction to Media & Society. Outside the classroom, I have completed internships at the Smith Center for the Arts and the Salisbury Cultural District. During my senior year, I will study abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France.

  • Margo Grapshi

    Media and Society and Writing and Rhetoric double major; French minor Margo Grapshi '22

    During my time as a Media and Society major, I have enjoyed taking advantage of opportunities within the program, such as the Career Services Behind the Scenes Entertainment Trek that connects current students to alums within the industry. I have also enjoyed being the Teaching Assistant for the course Global Cinema during my last semester at HWS. I hope to pursue a career within the entertainment industry, as I am interested in many different facets of the field.

  • Guedea

    Media and Society major; Entrepreneurial Studies minor Andrew Guedea ’22

    I am interested in a career in marketing. I have had multiple internships in marketing and am especially thankful for the background knowledge of the field built through my coursework: Cultures of Advertising, Introduction to Global Television, Global Cinema, and American Humor.

  • Habersaat

    Media and Society & English major Matthew Habersaat ’22

    Some of my favorite MDSC classes at HWS include: Cultures of Advertising, History of U.S Television, and Branding. After graduation, I have accepted a position at Merkley+Partners, an advertising agency in New York City. I can firmly say that the major had significant influence on my decision based on my professors and the wide array of classes that they offer.

  • Lima

    Media and Society major; History minor Kevin Lima ’23

    I am in the Cultural Production concentration for the Media and Society major. Some of the classes that I have enjoyed taking were Video Editing, Introduction to Imaging, and Intermediate Imaging. I hope that my classes and internships will lead me into the entertainment industry either as a cinematographer or videographer.

  • Makhdoomi

    Media and Society & Psychological Sciences major Zerina Makhdoomi ’22

    Being a Media and Society major has taught me how to look at the world using a critical lens and ask the question “why?” One of my favorite classes was Cultures of Advertising which helped me to understand what goes on behind closed doors in advertising. It was truly eye-opening! After graduation, I plan to pursue a Master’s of Social Work degree.

  • Mancini

    Media and Society & Economics major Samantha Mancini ’22

    I first became interested in an MDSC major after MDSC 100 because I loved analyzing media in a space that fostered creative thinking. As a double major in Economics and Media and Society, having a place to be pushed to think creatively and differently was important to me. For example, the Video Essay class presented me with a new way of organizing and displaying an argument. Developing these different ways of thinking and communication skills has prepared me to enter the business world.

  • Mancini

    Media and Society major; Writing and Rhetoric minor David Peck ’22

    Through the Media and Society program I was able to reaffirm my passion for media and furthered my knowledge of its many facets. Classes such as Cultures of Advertising covered media career concepts that made me interested in pursuing advertising and marketing job opportunities. I recently accepted a marketing internship involving media and branding research and execution for a Fortune 500 company and had ecstatically cited my experience from MDSC courses during the interview process. I believe in the value these courses have to offer and how they can transfer over to job opportunities.

  • Julissa Ramirez

    Media and Society and Writing and Rhetoric double major; History minor Julissa Ramirez '23

    I am a Teaching Assistant for MDSC 200, Cultures of Advertising, which I took in Spring '21(and loved!) As a junior, I studied abroad in the UK, taking classes in the Film, Television, and Media program at the University of East Anglia. I am interested in working in the entertainment world, either producing, directing, scriptwriting, or working in the field of talent strategy and development.

  • Slusser

    Media and Society & Writing and Rhetoric major Brayton Slusser ’23

    Throughout my time at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, I have gotten to work closely with various media platforms from around the world. I was given the privilege of working with Professor Lisa Patti during both semesters of my sophomore year, learning about the global film and television industries through her Global Television and Global Cinema courses, and have since focused on taking courses that analyze the various aspects of filmmaking. For my senior year, my studies will be taking me abroad as I will be joining Professor Patti and Professor Benjamin Ristow in Rome, Italy for the fall semester.

  • Tedeschi

    Media and Society & Theatre major Troy Tedeschi ’22

    My educational highlights within the Media and Society Program have included MDSC 312: The Art of Experimental Cinema and MDSC 390: The Video Essay, two courses that allowed me to combine theory and practice to create a variety of video projects. My professional goals are to work as a cinematographer and become a director for either live theatre or film.

  • Washington-Lobdell

    Media and Society major; Spanish minor Jaylon Washington-Lobdell ’23

    I have really enjoyed how much my perspective on media and how it affects the world has been broadened. I have been most interested in marketing and have been lucky enough to participate in a mentoring program with Mediahub.

  • Nathan Williams

    Media and Society Major; Anthropology Minor Nathan Williams '23

    Some educational highlights from my time as a Media and Society Major have been classes like Global Videogames and Global Cinema as well as assignments such as a film curatorial project, video essays, and making an experimental film. Some of my academic interests are film and videogame production and analysis. The classes within the MDSC major have greatly helped me expand my interest and knowledge on these subjects as well as a plethora of others.