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MDSC Guide to Completing Major Audit Forms

Prepare to complete your audit form

Complete your audit form

  • Check the “Audit” box at the top of the Audit Form.
  • Complete the personal information at the top of the form: Write your full name, HWS student ID number, and the name of your Major Advisor in the corresponding fields. For most majors, your “Current Advisor” and your “Major Advisor” will be the same person. If you only have one major, check the “Primary major advisor” box. If you have two majors, check your Peoplesoft account to see which of your advisors is listed as your Primary Advisor. Check the “Primary major advisor” box only if your MDSC advisor is listed on Peoplesoft as your Primary Advisor.
  • Open the Media and Society section of the HWS Course Catalogue.

    The Media and Society course listings in the catalog correspond to the order of the requirements listed on the audit form. So all of the courses that satisfy Core Competency 1 are listed first, the courses that satisfy Core Competency 2 are listed next, and so on.

    Review the courses that satisfy each requirement. If you have completed one of the courses, list that course in the “Courses” column of your audit form. You only need to list the course number – e.g. “MDSC 200.” You do not need to include the course title – e.g. “Cultures of Advertising” – but you may include the title in the “Notes” column if you would find it helpful to do so.

    List all of the courses that you have already completed, and check the box in the “Check if completed” column for each of those courses.

    Then use the course listings in the catalog to identify courses that you would like to take to satisfy your outstanding major requirements. Check the course schedule for next semester to see if any of the courses offered then may be used to satisfy any of your remaining requirements.

    MDSC 400 is offered in both the fall and spring semesters, but we recommend taking MDSC 400 in the fall of your senior year if your schedule allows in order to avoid scheduling conflicts in the spring semester.

    On your major audit form, list the courses that you plan to take to satisfy each of your remaining major requirements, and in the “Planned Semester” column, note the semester when you plan to take the course.

    At least six of the courses listed on your audit form must be “unique” to the MDSC major – meaning that they cannot appear on your audit forms for your minor(s) or second major. Please check the boxes in the “Check if unique” column for all courses that you are only using to satisfy the MDSC major. (You do not need to consider the courses that you are using to satisfy the HWS Goals when assessing whether or not a course is unique.)

    Note that you are required to take four courses with the MDSC subject designation in addition to MDSC 100 and MDSC 400. You may count courses designated as “approved equivalents” for this requirement (“eq” appears after the course title in the course catalogue).

Submit your audit form
Sign and date your form and forward it your major advisor for her approval. If you have any questions as you complete the form, please contact your major advisor via e-mail. Please submit your forms for approval as far in advance of the deadline as possible so that your advisor will have time to review your form, contact you to discuss any corrections that need to be made, sign your form, and forward it to the Registrar. This review process may take several business days.

Sample Audit Form (pdf)