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Remote Learning Resources from the Digital Learning Center

If they haven’t already, faculty will be directly reaching out to you in the coming days to indicate how they will facilitate a given course. As is true on campus in our physical classrooms, the approaches and tools used will vary. In anticipation, we’ve created a technology support hub of sorts for you, depending upon the needs for your various classes, some resources may be more relevant than others. Please reference the following guide: Remote Learning Resources for Students. Included are instructions for getting started with Zoom, connecting to wifi at other colleges that might be closer, and tips on Canvas tools and features that faculty may utilize in the coming weeks. For example, you might want to check your Canvas notification settings to insure that you are set for receiving messaging in a timely manner.

If your faculty members have communicated that you will be connecting via Zoom, you are encouraged to download the software or app on your devices in order to prepare. Instructions for doing so are located in the guide Preparing for Your First Zoom Meeting.

Need help? Please reach out to the Help Desk at helpdesk@hws.edu or 315-781-4357.

COVID-19 Information and Data


We know that this is a shift in practice.

If you have technology questions, please contact the Help Desk at x4357 or helpdesk@hws.edu

For pedagogical, assessment, and student learning questions, please reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning x3351, pliner@hws.edu or shess@hws.edu

Note: This document was adapted from a document created by Jenae Cohn and Brian Seltzer, Stanford University, California. Their work was outstanding and served as the basis for Hobart and William Smith Colleges guide for Academic Continuity During Disruption.