Dobro Slovo, the National Slavic Honor Society


To apply to the HWS Chapter of Dobro Slovo, contact Prof. David Galloway.

Phone: (315) 781-3790

Delta Mu Chapter

History of Dobro Slovo
The first chapter of Dobro Slovo was established at Berkeley on Oct 29, 1926, to recognize academic excellence among Slavic students. In 1963, with the help and encouragement of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages, Dobro Slovo was established as a National Slavic Honor Society. Patterned after existing honorary organizations in other fields, the Society serves as a means for the recognition of academic excellence in the study of Slavic languages and literatures and provides incentive for scholarly interest in Slavic life and culture. Since 1963, Dobro Slovo has steadily grown to be an internationally recognized academic Honor Society with a distinguished membership.

The Dobro Slovo Key that students receive upon induction to the Society represents their academic excellence in Slavic Studies.  

The HWS Chapter of Dobro Slovo (Delta Mu) was chartered in December, 2003.

Membership Requirements
The student must have:

  • Completed two years (or equivalent) of study of Slavic languages and/or literature, culture or related subjects, with a minimum grade of 85% (B+) or its letter or point equivalent. (3.4 in the 4.0 system).
  • Have a minimum overall academic average of 80% (B) (3.0 in a 4.0 system) or its letter or point equivalent.
  • Indicate an active and continuing interest in studying Slavic languages, literature, culture and related fields of Slavic studies. The Delta Mu chapter interprets this as majoring or minoring in Russian Area Studies.

Life Members of Delta Mu, Dobro Slovo

Members are listed by year of induction, name and year of graduation.

  • 2018
    Sarah Marie Cavanaugh ’20
    Alexandra Ann Curtis ’20
  • 2017
    Sebastien Jean Gilles Sauvagnat ’17
    Shafiullah Shirzai ’17
  • 2015
    James Joseph Prowse ’15
    Megan Christine Barden ’16
    John Robert Jayne ’15
    Emily Elizabeth Linde ‘16
    Erica Lynn Randazzo ’15
    Rory Alexander Silverman ’15
  • 2011
    Chelsea Clare Hudson ’12
    Thomas T. Luly ’12
    Catherine Marie Moshier ’13
    John Peter Nettl ’11
  • 2010
    Melissa Marie Warner ’12
  • 2009
    Belinda Jessica Littlefield ’11
    Julie Lynn Boardman-Brann ’10
  • 2008
    Katrina Lynette Havrish ’10
    Emily Lyons-Ellison ’10
  • 2007
    Sarah Marie Loomis ’07
  • 2006
    Chloe Gray Hall ’06
    Susan Erica Jordan ’06
    Daryl Johnson Mallet ’06
  • 2003
    Tara Elizabeth Edlund ’04
    Sarah Hope Kapp ’05