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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my applicant portal username and pin?

When you submitted your application, you received a confirmation email with the subject line “Hobart and William Smith Colleges Application Received.” This email had a link to your applicant portal, your portal username and temporary pin information.

If you need to reset your pin or can’t find the original email, please contact the Office of Admissions by email at admissions@hws.edu or call 315-781-3622 and we will get back to you quickly.

How do I pay my deposit?

There are multiple ways to pay your deposit. To view your options, visit our enrollment down payment options page. To make your deposit online, have your enrollment ID available and visit our deposit page.

Where do I find my enrollment ID number?

Your enrollment ID is the 9-digit number in the top left corner of your acceptance letter. To see your acceptance letter, log in to your HWS applicant portal and click View Update (under Status Update). Click on your decision letter link.
Where can I find my admissions decision?

To find your admissions decision log in to your HWS applicant portal and click View Update (under Status Update). Click on your decisions letter link.

Where can I find my financial aid award?

To find your financial aid award, log in to your HWS applicant portal and click View Update (under Status Update). If you have an award letter, the link will be at the bottom of your decision letter.

I have questions or concerns about my financial aid award.

We have a special Financial Aid website with multiple ways for admitted students and their families to get answers to Financial Aid questions. Please visit this page to see the options. We are also happy to talk through your questions any time. You can reach our financial aid staff at 315-781-3315.

Why haven’t I received my admissions decision?

If you are expecting a decision but have not received one, the email with the announcement may not have been delivered properly. If we are missing materials needed to complete your application, we will not release your decision. Please contact us by email at admissions@hws.edu or call us at 315-781-3622.

Can I visit campus?

Yes! The Office of Admissions is excited to host you on campus for a tour. All tours will be personal, meaning each family will have their own tour guide. See our Visit page for more information. Pre-registration is required. Please choose a desired date on our visit calendar to see the options available. If you cannot find a date and time that works for your family, contact the Office of Admissions directly at (315)-781-3622 or admissions@hws.edu and we will make individual arrangements for you.

How can I connect with other admitted students?

In addition to attending our admitted student virtual events, we encourage you to join the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Classes of 2025 Facebook Group.

What is POAP?

The Pre-Orientation Adventure Program (POAP) is an optional, five-day outdoor experience offered to incoming first-year students. The program provides the chance to experience hiking, kayaking, or participating in a community service program in the greater Geneva area. Students will also get a chance to meet classmates, learn new skills, ease into the collegiate lifestyle, and have a bit of fun before formal Orientation and classes start.

For more information, visit this page.

Additional details about POAP including how to sign up, will be communicated later this spring.

How do I contact someone from a club I am interested in?

Visit our organizations page and search the club/organization database. Each club/organization has a contact person listed. If you run into any problems, just give us a call at 315-781-3622 and we can connect you with a representative.

What kind of computer do I need?

Visit our computer guidelines page for detailed information about the right computer that you should bring to HWS with you.

Can I request a roommate?

HWS prides itself on instilling our mission throughout a student’s entire experience on campus. This includes all first-year students having a roommate. Residential Education brings students together based on similar interests and living habits. Later this spring we will send you information about how to log into the myHousing portal that will provide more details on the housing process.

Generally, though, roommates can be paired up in an assortment of ways:

  • By FSEM course – those students choosing to reside in one of our Living and Learning Communities are housed together in a residence hall. Students who participate in a Living and Learning Community generally have a successful first year on campus, more easily adjusting to campus life and earning higher GPAs.
  • By your New Student Profile – all new students complete a profile on the myHousing portal. Students can search for a roommate they would like to live with, or we will use your responses to pair you with a roommate.
  • By personal choice – you can request a student that you met prior to the start of your time at HWS to be your roommate on the myHousing portal over the summer.

Residing with a roommate is your chance to learn, grow and feel connected to campus and one another.

What type of housing is available to FY students?

We offer coed, single sex, gender inclusive and substance free housing for first year students. We also offer Living and Learning Communities if you are interested and selected to live there. First-year students are housed in Hale, Bartlett, Durfee, Geneva, Blackwell, Comstock, Hirshon, Miller, Jackson, Potter, Rees, and Sherrill. Approximately 50 percent of first year students live in Jackson, Potter, and Reese, also known as JPR.

Is housing guaranteed all four years?

Yes, housing is guaranteed all four years at HWS.

How do I contact a club sport coach?

You can contact a club sport coach by visiting our club sports website.

How and when do I choose a meal plan?

You choose a meal plan in the orientation portal later this spring. The links below provide additional information.


Who do I contact about unique learning, housing or dining questions?

The Colleges are here to support each student and will work with you to ensure that you have a learning and living environment that meets your needs:

Learning Needs
Center for Teaching and Learning

Residential Education Website
Phone: (315) 781-3880
Email: resed@hws.edu

Contact David McCandless

How/When do I choose classes?

You will choose classes in May on your HWS Orientation Portal. We will be sending you lots of information in advance so that you have the resources you need to make academic and living suggestions.

When is first year student orientation?

First year student orientation is August 19-22, 2021.

For those students who are the first in their family to attend college, we offer a First Generation Orientation on August 18, 2021. You can learn more about the First Generation Initiative on their webpage or by emailing firstgeneration@hws.edu.

We also have a special orientation just for International Students beginning on August 16. Students should plan to arrive on August 14 or 15. If you have any questions, please contact Marylyn Uhnak, Director of International Student Enrollment and Success, at uhnak@hws.edu.