+ Admitted Student Profiles 2025 – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \

Meet the Classes of '25

Activists, artists, athletes, innovators, performers, scholars - the list of accomplishments goes on. Meet some of the newest members of the HWS community.

Hannah Angelico '25 Hannah Angelico '25

Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.

I acted in a Shakespeare play and put on a Zoom performance with my cast during quarantine.

Zoe Aracena '25 Zoe Aracena '25

Bronx, N.Y.

At HWS, I'm mostly looking forward to truly finding out who I am, where I belong in the world, the people I need in my life and how I'm meant to change the world for the better.

Josh Cox '25 Josh Cox '25

Union City, Ga.

As I was being recruited by HWS, I felt like a member of a family, not just another person.

Thao Bui '25 Thao Bui '25

Kansas City, Mo.

At HWS, I’m looking forward to gaining knowledge and making lifelong friends!

Nick Grosso '25 Nick Grosso '25

Greenfield Center, N.Y.

I've been waiting to play tennis as a Statesman since I was 13 years old.

Morgan Connor '25 Morgan Connor '25

Chatham, N.J.

I was drawn to HWS by the beautiful campus and extensive academic and athletic opportunities.

Cyma Berk '25 Cyma Berk '25

New York, N.Y.

I'm so excited to come to Hobart and William Smith in the fall!

Andrew Painton '25 Andrew Painton '25

Webster, N.Y.

My proudest accomplishment is co-founding a pet food charity with my friends.

Guarldiard Cyriaque Mentor '25 Guarldiard Cyriaque Mentor '25

Bronx, N.Y.

Hobart and William Smith offered a curriculum lilke no other and catered most to my dreams of going to law school.

Sayf Elhawary '25 Sayf Elhawary '25

Piscataway, N.J.

I'm looking forward to increasing my circle of friends and playing for the squash team at HWS.

Bri Del Rosario '25 Bri Del Rosario '25

Bronx, N.Y.

I’m working on publishing a short story book that can be used in high school classrooms.

Rachel Duggan '25 Rachel Duggan '25

Syracuse, N.Y.

I went on a trip out west. While there, I hiked down the side of the Grand Canyon and went snowboarding on three different mountains.

Kylie Dagit '25 Kylie Dagit '25

Millersville, Pa.

I got my SCUBA license in seventh grade, and have dived a ship wreck! Super awesome and a little spooky.

Derrielle Faulkner '25 Derrielle Faulkner '25

Bay Shore, N.Y.

HWS has a beautiful tight knit community that is just right for me.

Alberto García de la Puente Stanley '25 Alberto García de la Puente Stanley '25

Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Hobart and William Smith's small student body encourages a tight knit community.

Tyler Gollin '25 Tyler Gollin '25

Chappaqua, N.Y.

At HWS, I'm looking forward to living my best life and meeting great people.

Emma Carter '25 Emma Carter '25

Fort Mill, S.C.

I chose HWS due to its focus on community and its drive for academic excellence.

Allie Hayward '25 Allie Hayward '25

Bangor, Maine

At HWS, I’m most looking forward to building connections and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Albert Levy '25 Albert Levy '25

Manlius, N.Y.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people at HWS with common interests and goals, and working to achieve those goals together.

Angela Hernandez '25 Angela Hernandez '25

Los Angeles, Calif.

At HWS, I'm most looking forward to the pre-education program and the student teaching experiences that come along with it. I am also excited to work with the local Boys and Girls Club.

Saoirse Higgins-Corbett '25 Saoirse Higgins-Corbett '25

Geneva, N.Y.

At HWS, I'm looking forward to meeting interesting and likeminded people who I can learn from.

Lucy Howe '25 Lucy Howe '25

Portland, Maine

I am proud to have presented my research project at the New England Historical Association conference in 2019.

Jadon Layne '25 Jadon Layne '25

Whitby, Ontario

I was a residential assistant at my high school. Seeing incoming boarding students embrace campus as a result of my mentorship was a great accomplishment.

Lauren Legler '25 Lauren Legler '25

Beaconsfield, Quebec

I am most excited to meet new people and be a William Smith Heron!

Sydney Herbruck '25 Sydney Herbruck '25

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

I'm most looking foreard to making new friends at HWS!

Ksusha Lowry-Neufeld '25 Ksusha Lowry-Neufeld '25

Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

I am most looking forward to new academic experiences and to study abroad during my four years!

Matthew McCann '25 Matthew McCann '25

Montclair, N.J.

I am most looking forward to trying new things and meeting new people at HWS.

Emma McKenna '25 Emma McKenna '25

Colchester, Vt.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and having new experiences at HWS.

Carter Meshanic '25 Carter Meshanic '25

Columbia, Conn.

I'm looking forward to playing college-level basketball.

B-J Minyard '25 B-J Minyard '25

Yonkers, N.Y.

I was selected to be a part of an exclusive aviation program at my high school. I took the yoke (steering wheel) and flew a Cessna 172 over my high school. Great thrill!

Janeciah Cunningham '25 Janeciah Cunningham '25

Brooklyn, N.Y.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and creating new experiences at HWS.

Bella Peace '25 Bella Peace '25

Concord, N.H.

I wanted to be at a college where I could experience different paths and opportunities while keeping an open mind about my future.

Ryan Pero '25 Ryan Pero '25

Victor, N.Y.

I created a club at my high school that was devoted to inclusivity and spreading positivity.

Bethany Poirier '25 Bethany Poirier '25

Malone, N.Y.

One of my top reasons for choosing HWS was the caring student body.

Adam Stern '25 Adam Stern '25

East Greenwich, R.I.

At HWS, I'm looking forward to making new friends and learning what I want to do as a future career.

Cecelia Ripley '25 Cecelia Ripley '25

Easthampton, Mass.

HWS is the right choice for me because of the emphasis on social engagement and community service.

Kimberly Saavedra-Mendez '25 Kimberly Saavedra-Mendez '25

Los Angeles, Calif.

Within my 4 years at HWS, I hope to learn about various topics that interest me and be ready to start the change I want to see once I graduate.

Natalie Sandoval '25 Natalie Sandoval '25

Harbor City, Calif.

My proudest accomplishment was receiving the POSSE leadership scholarship because it represents all my hard work and growth. I was able to get out of my shell and become the person I am today.

Charlotte Sanford '25 Charlotte Sanford '25

Williamstown, Mass.

HWS feels like a place where a student's individuality and curiosity come together. Inside and outside of the classroom, I will be surrounded by peers studying what they want to and not just course requirements.

Jackson Partilla '25 Jackson Partilla '25

New York, N.Y.

At HWS, I look forward to meeting a lot of great people and having a great time while doing it.

Abigail Soika '25 Abigail Soika '25

Clinton, N.Y.

I chose HWS because of the small community, welcoming current students, and the lake!

Elizabeth Starck '25 Elizabeth Starck '25

Lakewood, Ohio

I'm most looking forward to meeting amazing new people, studying abroad, and participating in college athletics.

Annabel Ramsay '25 Annabel Ramsay '25

Stratham, N.H.

I'd say my radio show, Indie Trash, is one of the cooler things I've been involved in.

Rianna Tomm '25 Rianna Tomm '25

Durham, Maine

HWS is the right school for me because it offers strong academics and a friendly learning environment.

Jackson Vanderhoff '25 Jackson Vanderhoff '25

Greenwich, N.Y.

I love the campus and community feel. HWS immediately felt like a place I wanted to be.

Mercedes Wiegel '25 Mercedes Wiegel '25

Waterland, Noord-Holland

I am most looking forward to creating relationships that will last a lifetime, being part of a community in a foreign country and exploring the world around me. I am also ready to win a national championship with the William Smith soccer team.

Mohammad Yassin '25 Mohammad Yassin '25


The sense of community is what got me attached to HWS.

Carly Bielicki '25 Carly Bielicki '25

North Andover, Mass.

I am most looking forward to the genuine connections and personal, as well as academic, discoveries I'm going to make both about myself and the world around me!

Jiacheng Fan '25 Jiacheng Fan '25

Jiangyin City, Jiangsu

I am looking forward to improving my knowledge level and perception of data. I also hope to have a group of good friends who share my interests.

Hannah Haines '25 Hannah Haines '25

Deposit, N.Y.

The top reason why HWS is the right school for me is because of their geoscience and study abroad programs.

Brooke Hogle '25 Brooke Hogle '25

Buffalo, N.Y.

I think HWS is the right school for me because I had a great feeling about the school the first time I visited the campus.

Erin Kerwin '25 Erin Kerwin '25

Syracuse, N.Y.

I am proud to have been accepted to NYSSSA School of Ballet three times.

Freddy Madsen '25 Freddy Madsen '25

Waltham, Mass.

I'm looking forward to playing soccer, learning new things and meeting new people.

Holly McCarty '25 Holly McCarty '25

Pulaski, N.Y.

I am most proud of earning my school’s Snow Academic Achievement Scholarship for my senior community service project!

Sophia Mughal '25 Sophia Mughal '25

Fairfield, Conn.

I look forward to exploring my interests, growing intellectually, meeting new people and impacting the community.

Ethan Mulhearn '25 Ethan Mulhearn '25

Williamstown, Ontario

I'm looking forward to expanding my education in the sociology field as well as networking and meeting new people.

Maura Smeader '25 Maura Smeader '25

Wilmington, Del.

I had an internship with the Delaware Historical Society that allowed me to conduct research involving a local Delaware Quaker's journey to Richmond, Virginia right after the Civil War.

Isabella Renzi '25 Isabella Renzi '25

Youngstown, N.Y.

I can't wait to make new friends, travel abroad, and experience more of the world!

Molly Schaeffer '25 Molly Schaeffer '25

Troy, N.Y.

When visiting HWS I felt at home; I was drawn in by the beautiful campus, as well as the welcoming, and friendly community.

Victoria Smith '25 Victoria Smith '25

Astoria, Ore.

I'm excited about the opportunity to pursue an internship program.

Paulina Tejada '25 Paulina Tejada '25

New York, N.Y.

I love the ambiance of HWS as a whole - it seems to be a place that is full of opportunity.

Robert Vega '25 Robert Vega '25

Quito, Pichincha

I'm proud to have been part of the Ecuadorian National Squash Team and represent my country in international tournaments.

Kate Villinski '25 Kate Villinski '25

Pittsfield, Mass.

I chose HWS because of the national ranking for study abroad programs and faculty.

Katie Crandall '25 Katie Crandall '25

Goshen, N.Y.

I can’t wait to get involved in campus clubs and activities, like vocal groups and HWS EMS.