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Brophy Quoted in Chronicle

Scott Brophy, professor of philosophy, was quoted in the Oct. 24 Chronicle of Higher Education article “Major Help or Major Harm?”. The story focused on students who complete more than one major or minor, and discussed whether the increased course load helped the students academically or aided them in finding a job after graduation.

Brophy, who also serves as a pre-law adviser, said he finds himself counseling students who want to pursue double majors purely to impress law-school admissions boards. He asks them to step back and ponder exactly what academic pursuits they find most intellectually rewarding. What they choose, according to Mr. Brophy, will affect more than their earning potential and graduate school prospects. “One of the purposes of a liberal-arts education,” he says, “is to make the inside of your head a more interesting place to live for the rest of your life.”