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Senate candidate to visit Geneva

Jonathan Tasini, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Hillary Clinton, recently began his statewide bicycle Ride For Peace tour. That 600-mile tour will bring him through Geneva on Thursday, May 25, on his way to the state Democratic Convention, May 30-31 in Buffalo.

In Geneva and each of his other stops, Tasini will talk about the human and economic cost of the Iraq war, and ask people to sign a petition urging the state's Democratic Party to adopt a resolution calling on Congress to end all funding for continuing to deploy the U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq or establishing permanent bases there.

Tasini will arrive in Geneva about 1 p.m. on Thursday, May 25, and stop at the Geneva Bicycle Center, 489 Exchange St., to have his bike checked out. His supporters, reporters and the curious are encouraged to welcome him there.

He and his staff will have dinner at 5 p.m. at the L and R Restaurant, 405 Exchange St.; those interested in meeting and visiting with him are encouraged to join him there.

At 7 p.m., Tasini will give his campaign speech on the steps of City Hall on Castle Street, and answer questions from the crowd. Afterthat talk, a reception for him will be held at 30 Geneva St., one block north of City Hall.

Those interested in learning more about the Tasini visit should call Larry Campbell at (315) 789-1892 or visit