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Ruiz Quoted on Music Download Network Traffic

Mike Ruiz, network and enterprise systems engineer, was quoted in a story that ran in San Francisco and Toronto as well as in Network World Fusion magazine, about a network tool that restricts use of music downloads. Network traffic management company Packeteer released an upgrade to its software that would allow network administrators to identify and control the use of these legal digital music services as well as their free peer-to-peer rivals.

Ruiz said he gives downloads from iTunes, Napster and similar companies a higher priority on the campus network than traffic from Kazaa or other file-swapping services, or even than ordinary streaming video. That means that if there are any network traffic jams, Kazaa downloads have to wait, while iTunes downloads get through.

“Any academic apps get highest priority,” Ruiz said. “But rather than saying students aren't allowed to use Kazaa or Gnutella, we can encourage them to use legitimate services.”

Ruiz is a member of the Hobart Class of 1999.

The press release from Packeteer, which also quotes Ruiz, is below:

Packeteer Plug-ins Enhancing Enterprise Users' Ability to Limit Recreational Network Traffic

Latest plug-ins allow customers to control Apple iTunes, RealNetwork® Rhapsody and the new Napster®

CUPERTINO, Calif. – December 2, 2003 – Packeteer™, Inc. (NASDAQ: PKTR), a leading provider of application traffic management solutions, continues to offer new “plug-ins” to address enterprise customers' growing concerns about music downloads clogging their networks and consuming valuable bandwidth.

Recently released PacketShaper plug-ins allow network managers to detect and control the newest popular music file-sharing services, including Apple iTunes, RealNetwork's® Rhapsody and the new Napster®. In addition, Packeteer plans to offer a plug-in to manage traffic associated with the new file-sharing service to be offered by Microsoft in 2004.

“The plug-in architecture has been one of the best things about Packeteer's products,” said Mike Ruiz, network and enterprise systems engineer at Hobart and William Smith Colleges of Geneva, N.Y. “These peer-to-peer applications are always growing and evolving, becoming more anonymous and learning how to get around firewalls. Packeteer engineers are always out there developing plug-ins that allow you to quickly deal with these new programs.”

Packeteer's traffic-shaping technology allows you to fix WAN and Internet performance problems. Shaping controls bandwidth utilization and application performance by actively preventing network congestion. Packeteer allows you to ensure true QoS for mission-critical applications — from voice and video to CRM and ERP.

A recent survey conducted by Packeteer of more than 190 networking executives at companies with annual revenues ranging from $1 million to more than $1 billion in revenues showed that recreational traffic caused by “music downloading and exchange” was second only to traffic generated by worms and viruses as respondents' greatest concern. And with new applications, both legal and illegal, popping up every day, keeping recreational traffic down can be a full-time job.

“Downloading music files is a fairly popular thing, whether legal or not, and it's certainly moving into the general enterprise” said Yancy Lind, vice president of marketing for Packeteer. “Our customers need the ability to deliver their important applications over their networks in the face of increasing recreational application use. In fact, in some of the cases, they've discovered that as much as 70 percent of their traffic is from music swapping. Our system architecture coupled with our team of engineers dedicated to application identification helps ensure that our customers always have control over all business-critical and recreational application traffic.”

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