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College Store Presented Plaque by KidsPeace

Diane Buffone, shipping and receiving coordinator, and the staff of The College Store were presented with a plaque by Cara-Leigh Battaglia, the community relations coordinator for KidsPeace, in appreciation of the store's donation of books to the charity in Romulus. The College Store donated the discarded textbooks that had no resale value at the end of last December's buy back time. Many of the books were like new. The store plans to do the same at the end of this fall and coming spring semester buy backs–students whose books have no resale value will have the option to keep the book or donate it to KidsPeace. KidsPeace is a charity that cares for mentally ill and traumatized children, and runs a 12-month school for these children. With 50 locations nationally, the campus in Romulus has been at the former Seneca Army Depot for three years, and has a new library for the children to use in school projects and their required personal reading time. The charity relies heavily on donations from organizations for books and other funding; the donation from The College Store was the largest donation to date the charity has received.

College Store staffHobart and William Smith are no strangers to KidsPeace. Three children from the Romulus location participated on scholarship in the Heaton Institute last summer as well as the career exploration opportunity. Members of the alumni and alumnae also work at KidsPeace, including Melissa Visco '02, who worked at The College Store when she was a student at the Colleges.