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Temple Quoted on Bridges Web Site

Charles Temple, professor of education, was quoted in the article “Adventures in Children's Literature” on the Web site Bridges. The article explored the growth of children's books, as well as what publishers of children's literature look for in a manuscript.

“Children's literature has always been popular, but in the United States we have the most prolific children's book industry in the world,” said Temple, author of four children's books.

“Nearly 5,000 new titles are published every year, and 50,000 children's books are in print,” he said. “Educators rightly encourage parents to read to their children from very early childhood. Reading to children helps them learn language, and also gives them a leg up on learning to read later on. Reading aloud to children is consistently shown to give a significant boost to their language, their general knowledge and their predisposition to read themselves. You just can't overemphasize its importance.”